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Weight Management Support

The PureWeigh™ Weight Loss Plan

The PureWeigh™ Weight Loss Plan is a medically designed nutritional support program to help you achieve meaningful weight loss and a significant reduction in obesity-related health risks.

More details of this plan including nutrient information, food suggestions, menus, exercise etc. that are integral to this plan are described in the following documents.

PureWeigh Weight Loss Plan Guide (pdf)

Weight Management Guide (pdf)

We only give a short description of the plan here.

What is the Plan?

This weight loss plan promotes healthy weight loss by supporting:

  • Mood-Food Response (MFR) Eating Patterns
  • Appetite and Satiety
  • Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism
  • Essential Fatty Acid Balance
  • Healthy Body Composition

The PureWeigh Weight Loss Plan provides multifaceted support to help you:

  • Lose weight, including troublesome central/abdominal obesity.
  • Reduce your Body Mass Index (BMI) and increase your lean muscle to fat ratio.
  • Promote healthy glucose and lipid metabolism.
  • Control the Mood-Food Response (MFR) which contributes to stress-related overeating.
  • Follow a new dietary lifestyle that provides an optimal glycemic value and healthy fatty acid profile.
  • Achieve a dietary and metabolic Return To Balance.

Key Ingredients of PureWeigh Weight Loss Plan

This consists of two distinct, functional ingredients PureWeigh PREMEAL and PureWeigh-FM. Other formulae within the Pure Family are used to provide a balanced and integrated meal nutrition plan.

PureWeigh™ PREMEAL Beverage

PureWeigh PREMEAL is an advanced weight loss beverage for individuals with challenging weight management needs. It contains specific nutritional ingredients researched for their supportive roles in weight control, appetite, mood-food responses (MFR) and glucose metabolism.

PureWeigh PREMEAL is convenient and highly nutritious. Each serving provides only 92 calories (on average) when mixed with water, yet has a filling effect similar to a meal that may satisfy for hours. As a PREMEAL, this beverage allows you to reduce significantly the amount of food and excess calories at a meal without subsequent hunger, food cravings and stress-related MFR eating. Importantly, PureWeigh PREMEAL helps make the transition to a permanent Return To Balance diet easier.

PureWeigh PREMEAL contains the following:

Serotein™ —a complex that provides exceptionally high quality protein, a favorable amino acid profile, and inositol, a brain “second messenger” that supports serotonin balance.*

SloCarb™ —a scientific blend of low glycemic dietary carbohydrates and fibers that are more slowly digested. This offers a greater feeling of fullness and satiety and supports healthy glucose metabolism when combined with a healthy diet.*

LivClear™ —supports healthy hepatic detoxification and liver function during weight loss.*

Nutrient 950™ Multi-Vitamin and Minerals —the “nutritional cornerstone” used by thousands of physicians that provides a full spectrum of advanced delivery vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

PureWeigh™ PREMEAL Preparation

PureWeigh PREMEAL beverage powder is available in your choice of these natural flavors: Original Flavor, Chocolate Mint, French Vanilla, Strawberry-Banana, and Pineapple Coconut.

Recommended Preparation:

Calories: 92-220 avg.
Add 1 serving to 8-12 oz of water or milk. If mixing with juice, first dilute juice 50% with water. Do not mix with juices that contain added fructose, artificial flavors or sugars. Blend with fresh or frozen fruit pieces if desired. Shake, stir or blend until smooth. Drink slowly over several minutes.

More detailed nutritional information about Pureweigh Premeal Beverage and ordering information can be found here.


PureWeigh-FM™ is formulated as an optional companion supplement to PureWeigh PREMEAL beverage. Your health care provider may choose to recommended this supplement for its synergistic support for weight loss and thermogenesis, glucose and insulin metabolism and liver function.*

Nutrient features: banaba leaf extract, green tea extract, 7 KETO-DHEA, taurine, chromium polynicotinate (ChromeMate®), biotin and magnesium.

More detailed nutritional information about Pureweigh FM and ordering information can be found here.

Getting Started with PureWeigh PREMEAL and PureWeigh-FM

When you are ready to start The PureWeigh Weight Loss Plan, follow the daily schedule below.

Days 1-3

We recommend that you introduce PureWeigh PREMEAL slowly over the first 3 days. This is your pre-program adjustment period. This allows your digestive tract to adjust to new changes in the diet. Do not be concerned about losing weight during this period. Before beginning, be sure that you have reviewed each section in this guideline.

Getting Started—Days 1-3

Day 1

Drink 1/2 serving of PureWeigh PREMEAL 15 minutes before breakfast.

Day 2

Drink 1/2 serving of PureWeigh PREMEAL 15 minutes before breakfast and 1/2 serving 15 minutes before lunch or dinner or as a snack.

Day 3

Drink 3/4 serving of PureWeigh PREMEAL 15 minutes before breakfast and 3/4 serving 15 minutes before lunch or dinner or as a snack.

During these first three days, you can begin to make the changes in your diet that will be important for your weight loss success.

Starting the Transition Period—Day 4

Drink 1 serving of PureWeigh PREMEAL 15 minutes before a meal or as a snack, two times daily.

Eat Healthful Foods (For a list of healthful foods, see Section 7 in Pureweigh Weightloss Plan Guide.)

Take 1 capsule of PureWeigh-FM before each meal, if recommended by your healthcare professional.

PureWeigh PREMEAL’s unique low-calorie, high-satiety effect makes it easier to maintain more consistent eating control using smaller portions with fewer calories at meals. It’s very likely you will feel pleasantly full and satisfied following each PureWeigh PREMEAL serving, whether it’s combined with a light meal or consumed as a healthy snack.

A complete listing of products that helps in weight loss can be found here.


*This is a statement of nutritional support. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Source: Pure Encapsulations

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