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Skin Health Program

The skin is the body’s largest, most vulnerable organ. Its condition can suggest one’s general state of health and culturally it plays a role in defining beauty. It is also highly functional, with physiological roles that include elimination of fat-soluble toxins, immune system defense, vitamin D3 synthesis, nutrient storage, moisture retention, body temperature regulation and self-repair.

The unique composition of the skin can be affected by various factors:

  • Free radicals generated by normal metabolic processes
  • The aging process, which results in weakened antioxidant defense
  • Sun exposure, triggering numerous biochemical pathways
  • Environmental toxins and everyday stress, overburdening the body’s detoxification systems
  • Dietary and lifestyle habits that compromise the nutritional status of the skin
  • Hormone metabolism, immune function, and digestive function

These aspects are all relevant to the state of skin’s health and appearance. They may have an impact on the hallmark signs of aging, as well as skin complexion and clarity. Research continues to indicate that a wide array of phytochemicals and nutrients can promote healthy looking skin. The program recommended here combines the latest advances in both oral and topical strategies, providing a remarkable opportunity in skin care.

How Can Nutritional Supplements Support The Skin?

Skin thrives when the body is well nourished and healthy. Nutritional supplementation can help optimize general health, which is ultimately reflected in skin’s appearance. Furthermore, exciting scientific developments continue to reveal that oral supplementation with specific nutrients provides targeted protection for the skin.

Why Is Supplementation More Important Than Ever?

Skin is compromised by sun and aging as well as an ever-increasing exposure to pollution and stress. Nutritional support is an additional and critical mode of defense that addresses the very foundation of healthy skin.

What Is Different About Our Program?

These products are one of the most complete and well-designed approaches to skin health—by promoting healthy skin from within. It draws from 15 years of expertise in researching, formulating and manufacturing supplements for health professionals world-wide.

What Makes This Program Different?

The scientifically designed skin support program recommended here is based on a family of powerful and innovative dietary supplements that are to be combined with other dynamic, comprehensive topical serum for one of the most high-capacity and global approaches to skin care.

More Information

Skin Health Program Brochure (pdf format)

Skin Health Plan (pdf format)

Product Preview

Integral Dermo-Correction™ Serum

Helps to moisturize, condition, comfort and soften skin

Multi t/d

Multivitamin/mineral support for healthy hair, skin and nails


A triple combination of essential fatty acids for soothing the skin

Protect & Nourish A.M.

Skin nourishing antioxidant formula to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots

Renew & Hydrate P.M.

Skin firmness and hydration support formula to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Defy the Elements extra

Advanced photoaging protection and detoxification formula to revive lack luster skin and diminish the general signs of aging

Soothe & Clear

Support for noncystic, mild acne and occasional skin redness

Source: Pure Encapsulations

Full Listing of our Beauty Products can be found here.

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