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Hudson, OH 44236, USA



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Cardiovascular Support

We offer several supplements to support overall heart health. Specific products also address two main areas of interest

(1) lipid and triglyceride metabolism and

(2) vascular relaxation.*

General Cardiovascular Function

UltraNutrient ® is a comprehensive high-potency multivitamin/mineral supplement specifically designed to support cardiovascular health with an advanced antioxidant profile, CoQ10, hawthorn and ginger extracts...*

UltraNutrient® 360 capsules/bottle PURUVC3
UltraNutrient® 180 capsules/bottle PURUVC1
UltraNutrient® 90 capsules/bottle PURUVC9

EPA/DHA Essentials provides the omega-3-fatty acids EPA and DHA for support of overall cardiovascular function, healthy lipid and triglyceride metabolism, blood flow, vascular dilation and tone...* (Also available with lemon)

EPA/DHA Essentials 180 capsules/bottle PURED11
EPA/DHA Essentials 90 capsules/bottle PURED19

CV Forte combines herbal extracts, minerals and amino acids to promote cardiac circulation, oxygen utilization and healthy platelet function...*

CV Forte 120 capsules/bottle PURCV1
CV Forte 60 capsules/bottle PURCV6

Homocysteine Factors contains B vitamins and trimethylglycine to help maintain normal homocysteine levels and cardiovascular health...*

Homocysteine Factors 180 capsules/bottle PURHO1
Homocysteine Factors 60 capsules/bottle PURHO6


Healthy Lipid and/or Triglyceride Metabolism

Lipid Support Formula combines phytosterols with a unique polyphenol blend to promote healthy lipid metabolism, including support for healthy lipid utilization, bile secretion, liver receptor function, enzyme activity, antioxidant defense, and endothelial integrity...*

Lipid Support Formula 120 capsules/bottle PURLSF1

CholestePure provides phytosterols to support healthy lipid metabolism in part by maintaining healthy enzyme function...*

CholestePure 180 capsules/bottle PURCHO1
CholestePure 90 capsules/bottle PURCHO9

UltraHeart combines fish oil, phytosterols and CoQ10 for comprehensive cardiovascular health and support for healthy lipid and triglyceride metabolism...*

UltraHeart EPA/DHA 200 ml/bottle PUREDU2

Policosanol promotes cardiovascular health by supporting healthy lipid metabolism and platelet function...*

Policosanol 20 mg 120 capsules/bottle PURPO21
Policosanol 10 mg 120  capsules/bottle PURPO11

Pantethine is a unique complex of pantothenic acid and cystamine, which supports healthy acetyl-CoA carboxylase enzyme activity to maintain healthy lipid and triglyceride transport and metabolism...*

Pantethine  120 capsules/bottle PURPA1
Pantethine/Policosanol 120  capsules/bottle PURPP1

Niacitol (no-flush niacin) provides inositol nicotinate, a form of niacin unlikely to cause flushing, to assist in the breakdown and utilization of fats and promote healthy lipid metabolism...*

Niacitol (no-flush niacin) 725 mg., 180 capsules/bottle PURNI71
Niacitol (no-flush niacin) 500 mg., 180 capsules/bottle PURNI51

Sytrinol ™ combines polymethoxylated citrus flavonoids with palm tocotrienols to support healthy lipid and triglyceride metabolism, apolipoprotein production, C-reactive protein metabolism and blood flow...*

Sytrinol™ 120 capsules/bottle PURSY1
Sytrinol™ 60 capsules/bottle PURSY6

Guggul is an Ayurvedic extract that supports healthy lipid and triglyceride metabolism and blood vessel health...*

Guggul extract 270 capsules/bottle PURGU2
Guggul extract 90 capsules/bottle PURGU9

Garlic has a long history of support for healthy lipid and triglyceride metabolism and cardiovascular health...*

Garlic 100:1 extract 120 capsules/bottle PURGA1
Garlic 100:1 extract 60 capsules/bottle PURGA6

See also Fish Oils

Vascular Relaxation

Vascular Relax BP is designed to promote healthy vascular relaxation, circulatory function and endothelial integrity with magnesium, hawthorne, olive leaf and a mixture of cutting edge polyphenols...*

Vascular Relax BP 120 capsules/bottle PURVR1

NSK-SD™ (Nattokinase) is a fibrinolytic enzyme that has demonstrated encouraging potential for supporting endogenous fibrinolytic activity and promoting healthy blood flow, circulation and blood vessel function...*

NSK-SD™ (Nattokinase) 100 mg., 120 capsules/bottle PURNS16
NSK-SD™ (Nattokinase) 50 mg., 120 capsules/bottle PURNS1

Grape Pip contains proanthocyanidins from grape seed extract to promote healthy vascular endothelial integrity...*

Grape Pip 500 mg., 120 capsules/bottle PURGP51
Grape Pip 100 mg., 120 capsules/bottle PURGP11

Pycnogenol ® maritime pine bark extract with proanthocyanidins to support vascular endothelial integrity and function...*

Pycnogenol ® 100 mg., 60 capsules/bottle PURPY16
Pycnogenol ® 50 mg., 60 capsules/bottle PURPY56


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Information presented here is strictly for educational purposes only. Some ingredients may interact with the prescription medication. Please consult your physician before you take any medication.

Source: Pure Encapsulated.

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